Egmont Key Lighthouse and More


Egmont Key Lighthouse at Egmont Key State Park

When the first Egmont Key Light was built in 1848, it was the only lighthouse on the Gulf coast of Florida between Key West and St. Marks. In September 1848 a hurricane covered the island with six feet of water and damaged the new lighthouse. The keeper and his family rode out the storm in a small boat tied to a tree. When the keeper saw the damage to the lighthouse, he rowed off to Tampa and never returned. Another hurricane a few weeks later caused more damage, and beach erosion threatened to topple the tower. A hurricane in 1852 again threatened to topple the tower by undermining it. In 1857 work was begun rebuilding the tower. It apparently was moved 90 feet inland at that time. The reconstruction was completed in 1858, and the lighthouse was placed back in service with a new third order Fresnel lens. The lens was removed by Confederates during the Civil War to frustrate the Union Navy efforts to blockade Tampa Bay but was restored after the war.  

The above Egmont Key Lighthouse picture was recently taken and sent to us by Sara on 8-5-09 after she and her family took the Tropical-Island-Getaway afternoon boat cruise.  


Feiran took some pictures during their trip to Egmont Key that they were happy to share.  Sept. 2009
You can see their other pictures at   



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